We are Conquer Legends, a project whose sole purpose is for you to login and kick some ass.

We are the server

you come to when you're ready to stop acting like a little bitch. We're the server you come to to get your rage on. We're the server where you kick ass, or get your ass kicked.

Hosted in America

Atlanta, Georgia, to be more god damn exact.
-We went balls deep and secured a server in some data center.
-Well Seasoned, Somewhat Competent Owner(s).
-v5017 Client - None of that bullshit new crap. 4 Classes. Battling to the very end.
-Everyone starts off fair. No such thing as a "donator"; we don't worship green paper.

@Commands make a comeback.

Skill is a must.
Competency is needed.
& Strength to keep yourself together.
Connection Guide